Get slides, audio from Whendee Silver’s Beyond Carbon Neutral Seminar Series talk: The Climate Change Mitigation Potential of Waste Conversion for Soil Carbon Sequestration

February 23rd, 2018|

Did you miss Whendee Silver’s Beyond Carbon Neutral Seminar Series talk, “The Climate Change Mitigation Potential of Waste Conversion for Soil Carbon Sequestration” on February 22? Slides and audio from the talk are downloadable below. Slides: [...]

New BCN DOE Grant- Storing CO2 in Built Infrastructure: CO2 Carbonation of Precast Concrete Products

November 14th, 2017|

A team of Beyond Carbon Neutral researchers has received a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy for a research proposal related to work based on preliminary BCN seed funding. This project aims to promote carbon capture and storage technologies within coal-fired plant infrastructure and demonstrate economically viable CO2 storage opportunities. Precast technology developed from this study would have a substantially lower energy footprint, and could possibly be carbon negative due to stored CO2, the use of waste heat and fly ash from coal-based power plants, elimination of prestressing steel, recycling of waste streams from steel and mining industries, and the use of plant fibers. Potential benefits of this work could include development of low-CO2 emissions infrastructure products with longer lifetimes than current technology, incorporation of would-be industrial waste aggregate materials into construction, and creation of ubiquitous CO2 storage in the built environment. […]

Beyond Carbon Neutral Seminar Series

October 23rd, 2017|

This interdisciplinary seminar series brings leading researchers to campus in order to introduce faculty and students to atmospheric carbon dioxide removal and its associated opportunities, challenges and research needs. Entitled "Climate Change Mitigation: Moving Beyond Carbon [...]

Beyond Carbon Neutral Workshop Summary

May 2nd, 2017|

Faculty from across the university are pursuing a multitude of research projects as part of the University of Michigan Energy Institute’s Beyond Carbon Neutral initiative. This spring’s faculty workshop offered more than forty researchers a chance to learn about new research results from the project’s first-round seed grant recipients, half of whom have either published results or have results in the publication pipeline. Research shared at the workshop encompassed the three major themes of the BCN initiative: technology, the biosphere, and human systems

Beyond Carbon Neutral Seminar series: David Skole

November 10th, 2016|

Sequestering Carbon at the Bottom of the Pyramid: Actionable Science for Climate Change Mitigation

Most climate change mitigation measures can only focus on reducing future emissions. This is particularly true for interventions and policies that target the most important emission source, the burning of fossil fuels.